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The Hidden Rebellion

A Secret Story of the French Revolution
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Filmmaker Daniel Rabourdin delivers a cinematic tour de force with "The Hidden Rebellion".

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“Daniel Rabourdin’s film, The Hidden Rebellion, is an eye-opening portrait of the first progressive genocide in the name of social justice.”

David Horowitz

Freedom Center

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 Set ten years after the American Revolution in the idyllic French countryside of the Vendee, "The Hidden Rebellion" combines insightful documentary with richly dramatic scenes of battle, resistance, and love as the storm clouds of the French Revolution gather.

"The Hidden Rebellion" presents a searing examination of the events and, even more importantly, of the ideas surrounding one of history's most chilling instances of genocide.

If the documentary side of the Hidden Rebellion presents a powerful warning in this time of increasing intolerance toward faith and family, "The Hidden Rebellion" tells the story of simple, faithful people who "gave up the world...for heaven."

The dialogue between the two spouses rests on the historical writing of farmers of the time increasing the human value of their engagement to protect their family, land and church.



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